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Baton Rouge Hurricane Insurance

Lanoix Insurance serves clients throughout Baton Rouge and the River Parishes, where hurricanes and named storms cause millions of dollars in damage every year. Unfortunately, most home owners do not have the protection they need in their current home insurance policies to cover home repair or rebuilding. If you live near the coastal areas of the state, the best protection for damage to your home or business from a windstorm, hail storm or hurricane is an insurance supplement to your existing homeowners insurance policy.

Come talk to us at Lanoix Insurance in Port Allen or Lutcher to get a quote on hurricane insurance (also known as windstorm insurance) and find out what kind of protection this policy can offer. We will discuss options, including a flat deductible policy or a percentage deductible. We serve homeowners and renters in communities including Plaquemine, Addis, Port Allen, Zachary and St. Francisville, Louisiana.

Windstorm and Hurricane Insurance: Compare Quotes

Before providing quotes for damage caused by a hurricane, an Baton Rouge Hurricane Insurance agent from Lanoix Insurance Agency will review your current policy to identify any gaps. Your agent will also provide information on the types of coverage available, as well as options for a deductible, whether it’s a percentage of your home’s value or a flat deductible policy. In general, hurricane insurance will cover damage done to the home as a result of winds or hail, fires or vandalism in the wake of the hurricane, cleanup after the storm including debris removal and repairs, and replacing damaged items.

Since we provide insurance from several major companies, your agent will be able to shop for the best coverage at the best price. Then you can compare quotes that offer a real choice.


Features of Windstorm (Hurricane) Insurance

Hurricanes bring with them all manner of damage to homes, especially those in communities along the coast. Hurricane damage may be excluded from your basic homeowners policy, in which case we recommend a windstorm and hail supplement to your home insurance. The supplement will pay for the damage done by the storm itself, but it will not pay for flooding damage, which would be covered under a separate policy.

Hurricanes are commonly associated with three types of damage:

Wind damage. Your hurricane insurance policy will cover damage caused by wind, including things like broken windows, damaged roofs, and other damage resulting from high wind. This can include tree limbs that fall onto a home, garage, shed, or other structure, and interior damage that results from the wind damage.
Major storm damage. When your home is damaged so severely in a storm that you cannot live in it, these policies will generally cover living expenses, such as a hotel and food, while the home repairs are underway. We can help you review this coverage and customize a policy for you.
Flood damage. When your home is damaged from flood waters, even if the flood is a direct result of a hurricane, damage to the home from that flood will not be covered unless you have flood insurance. We offer flood insurance policies provided through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and backed by the federal government.

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